Happy to to announce the ideas/projects that have been selected for participating in the MedSPring brokerage event.
In this animated infographic you can find out the list and more info on each project.


 Brokerage Event
And the selected ideas are
 Cairo, Egypt   12-13 February 2014

Yomken provides a virtual channel to enables entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into products with the alternative financial method of “Crowdfunding” and also the platform incentivizes young students, researchers and potential entrepreneurs to solve technical industrial challenges and get, in return, financial and non-financial support through the concept of “Open-Innovation.”

A web-based service to directly connect conscious consumers with sustainable producers of quality products from the Mediterranean. 
Making use of the sharing economy, the platform will facilitate direct sales of quality products between a network of producers, consumer clusters and professional chefs, administered by “food angels” in different cities across Europe. 
Innovative Sustainable Power Generation 
and Sea Water Desalination
Wind energy can be a major energy resource in future. The main disadvantage of this renewable energy resource is the unsteady nature of wind strength. 
The magnitude of this disadvantage can be reduced by combining an offshore wind turbine with a wave energy converter.
We Deliver Taste 
Sahara Forest Project
The Sahara Forest Project seeks to develop integrated technology solutions to global challenges by using what we have enough of – CO2, sunlight, and seawater – to make what we need more of – food, freshwater, and clean energy – in desert environments.

The aim of this project is to examine the efficiency of water disinfection process such as UVC irradiation, photocatalysis, solar disinfection, etc.
The combination of biological and nanotechnology tools permit to develop a sensitive, and rapid method to evaluate the microbiological quality of water and to ensure the safety of produced water.

Detection of Active Bacteria in Water using Nano-biotechnology

The key pilot project aims to build roof-top gardens in the interest of food sovereignty while also influencing community spaces, waste management, health and livelihoods.
Refutrees long-term vision is to create a model that is self-sustaining, replicable and has the capacity to generate income for local communities. 

Roof-top Gardening


NADAL (North Africa Diagnostics & Analysis Laboratories) is the first private company in Tunisia and North Africa offering real-time, quick and local turn-key solutions for integrated crop management services in agriculture through an all-in-one service facilitating monitoring and management of farmers and nurseries. 


The MEDVAL Project aims at implementing integrated solutions for the development, communication and diffusion of the Mediterranean value and ensuring the existence and the sustainability of a market for high quality affordable food products in the Mediterranean area.



Machine for Raising Water is a project to re-design and produce a new version of the saqiya, a traditional Middle Eastern water/irrigation technology, which has been used across Egypt and the Arab world for almost one thousand years, in downtown Cairo.

Machine for Raising Water


In the present study, a novel indirect solar cooker with outdoor elliptical cross section, wickless heat pipes, flat-plate solar collector and integrated indoor PCM thermal storage and cooking unit is designed, constructed and tested under actual meteorological conditions of Giza, Egypt. 

Indirect solar cooker


This organic agricultural project endeavors to transform the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem and lift family farmers out of poverty through building a green economy. 

High Atlas Agriculture and Artisinal 

the Netherlands