A Quest for Water | Berbers in the Atlas Mountains.

One man has found a new spring of hope for dealing with water shortages in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, where Berbers practice their ancient traditions.

Water is precious and scarce in the remote valleys of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Berbers, the mountains' sole inhabitants, use ancient irrigation methods to turn dry valleys into lush gardens. But climate change is threatening their existence. In the small village of Tizi Anoucheg, Rachid has been trying to solve the severe water problem. He found enough fundings in order to tap water from a spring, and even to make a fountain.

Rachid is now planning to aide other villages around the Valley; a group of French engineers are going to help him by testing soil conditions and showing him water treatment techniques. Together, they head into the Atlas Mountains to investigate the region’s water cycle and pinpoint local pollution sources. During their foray, they discover large canyons and new sources of water.

Documentary by DW Documentary & Report. 

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