Which role does innovation play in Jordan's water and energy sector?

On 23 September 2018, BORDA WesCA, CEWAS and the Swedish Embassy in Jordan gathered over 150 people at the Zajal Cafe in Amman, Jordan to discuss how to enable innovation in the regional water and energy sectors.

Ruba Al-Zu’bi is Scientific Research Manager at Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation. Here, as part of BORDA's WE talk series, she addresses the role(s) of innovation in Jordan’s water and energy sectors.

The environmental sectors often lack the capacities and access to innovations that can sustainably ameliorate the severe challenges that are currently facing the MENA region.

New solutions and models of innovation, be it products or services, are needed to tackle water and energy crises and serve a growing market. Developing and bringing to market innovative solutions requires different ways of thinking, investment in research and entrepreneurship, cross-discipline dialogue, and clear mandates to create supportive structures for innovation.

[Video via BORDA Global TV | YouTube]

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