Le chemin de l'eau

This documentary shows the close relationship between the lack of water in rural areas and its impact on the situation of women, particularly young women.

Therefore, the difficulty of access to clean water, which traditionally affects women more than men, forces girls to drop out school at an early age. The documentary is also about early marriage and its impact on the future of girls. It has been made by the FLDF (Fédération des ligues des droits des femmes, Federation of leagues of Women’s Rights) – Marrakech section, coordinator of local cluster of actors of gender equality in the region of Marrakech-Safi (Morocco).

The initiative on gender and environment led by FLDF Marrakech is part of the project "Strengthening the capacities of equality actors” coordinated by the IEMed and fund by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and is in synergy with the project "Developing the autonomy of women", labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean.

Documentary by Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation | via YouTube channel.

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