Egypt’s new solar power plant to train African scientists

Egypt’s new solar power plant to train African scientists

The first training programme in the field of solar power for researchers from Africa and the Middle East is set to launch next September.

The programme, offered by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt, will take place at the Multipurpose Applications by Thermodynamic Solar (MATS) plant. The plant, which produces electricity and desalinates water, has been built over an area of 12 acres in the city of Borg El-Arab near Alexandria, and opened in February.

‟On a regional level, we are interested in deploying this plant in Africa as the largest centre for research and development in the field of concentrated solar power and its outputs, including the production of thermal power, electricity generation, and sea water desalination,” says Amr Amin, the academy’s project coordinator.

“Here lies the role of scientific research, to find solutions to these problems,” added Amin. This could involve cleaning methods, or the use of insulating material that prevents adhesion of dust particles.”
- Amr Amin

Read the full article by Rehab Abd Almohsen via SciDevNet.

[Photo by faezrasyad | via Flickr]

Egypt’s new solar power plant to train African scientists

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Good practices and European projects map

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