1st Agrytech Hackathon in Lebanon

1st Agrytech Hackathon in Lebanon

March 31st will highlight the kick-off of the first Agrytech Hackathon in Lebanon.

The Hackathon makes part of the Agrytech program – an initiative jointly funded by the Kingdom of The Netherlands and Berytech; the program’s calling is to support startups bearing disruptive ideas in the Agri-Food sector – financially and technically.

The event is supported by strategic sponsors Unifert, SE Factory, CNC Labs Lebanon, and National Instruments Lebanon; it’s also organized in partnership with UNICEF, IEEE Lebanon, Wamda, AMIDEAST, Jusoor Syria, Speed Lebanon Accelerator, Green Studios, and MENA Devs Group, among others.

Who is it for?
Should you be interested in the Agri-Food space of Lebanon and the region, or wish to take action to remedy its discrepancies, then the Hackathon is your place to be – the event addresses itself to technical developers, engineers, agronomists, food experts, designers, or business-minded and innovative problem solvers of the Agri-Food space in Lebanon and the region.

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1st Agrytech Hackathon in Lebanon

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Good practices and European projects map

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