Eco-Heat, the portable slow-cooker from Morocco

Eco-Heat, the portable slow-cooker from Morocco

"It is an ancestral technique that has been adopted by past generations.”

Beyond its appearance, which resembles that of a large Maharaja hat or fancy pillow, the Eco-Heat isotherm bag is in fact an ingenious combination of technology and innovation.

It is a low-tech product, meaning an innovation based on simple, economical, and popular techniques. The device enables one to cook dishes using the principle of heat retention – without additional energy.

To achieve the desired outcome, it is enough for one to boil a dish for 20 minutes and then simply place it in the eco-bag for anywhere from 90 minutes to five hours.

Founded in September 2016, the young startup Eco-Heat (which bears the same name as its product) has already closed sales in Morocco and Senegal, in addition to reaching the semi-finals of two prestigious competitions: Enactus World Cup, and MIT EF Arab Startup Competition

Wood and coal cooking, a risky practice

The startup’s three cofounders, Othmane Benhlima, Soumia Hasnaoui, and Imane Mekkaoui, students at the engineering college EHTP Casablanca, visited several rural Moroccan regions as part of the Enactus program, which accompanies university students as part of the implementation of their social entrepreneurship projects. That’s where the three came up with the idea of ​​Eco-Heat.

Read the full article by Yassine Bakir via wamda.

[Photo by Eco-Heat web site]

Eco-Heat, the portable slow-cooker from Morocco

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