Energy sharing: Egypt becoming a hub?

Energy sharing: Egypt becoming a hub?

Egypt’s potential in being an energy hub in the region has been thoroughly discussed on Monday through cooperation proposals with Cyprus and Greece

Organized by the American University in Cairo, a workshop was held at the Cairo Marriot Zamalek Hotel, where academics and officials from the three Eastern Mediterranean countries met and held in-depth panels cooperation in the field of energy and security.

Benefits of cooperation between the three countries in terms of energy cost reduction and meeting national demands were highlighted by participants.


Amr Serag Eldin, Professor at the Department of Petroleum and Energy Engineering at the AUC proposed a project of sharing energy by connecting national electric grids of both Egypt and Cyprus together, with particular emphasis on renewable energy potentials.

The project includes bridging the connection gap between both countries through the shortest route with a distance of only 338km, which can be spanned by submersible DC electrical cables, Serag Eldin told Egypt Today in an interview Monday.

Discussing advantages of such connection, he explained that the project “shares diversified energy resources…reduces margin of inefficient spinning reserve and reduces peak loads due to different timing zones.”
According to Professor Serag Eldin, wind power would constitute the highest share of electricity generated of renewable energy in 2020, reaching 12 percent compared to only 2 percent coming from solar power and 5.8 percent from hydropower.

Read the full article by Nourhan Magdi via Egypt Today.

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Energy sharing: Egypt becoming a hub?

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Good practices and European projects map

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