MENA Region and Renewables Infographic

MENA Region and Renewables

The marked expansion of the region’s renewable energy market, as well as the diversity of countries now participating in it, is driven by a number of key factors: energy security enhancement; major energy demand growth due to population increases, urbanisation, and economic progress; and water scarcity
(MENA Renewables Status Report, p. 6)

In most countries in the MENA region the expansion of the renewable energy market was sustained by policy development and target-setting, which is a common phenomenon across the region, an increase in investiment in the renewable sector, and a growing interest in developing the renewable energy value chain, including creating more skilled employment and more business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

This infographic summarises the data collected in the MENA Renewables Status Report. The data refers to the year 2013. The situation over the last few years has changed with a turn towards renewables, which is common to many countries across the region. We therefore see this infographic as open: if you have further or more up-to-date data, do contact us – you can do this through our social media channels , as detailed below – and we will work together to update the infographic or to create a new one. Crowdsourcing mode is on!


MENA Region and Renewables Infographic

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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