Monitoring water quality in real-time

Monitoring water quality in real-time

An Internet of Things (IoT) solution using sensors to collect real-time data for monitoring and warning systems.

Conative-labs is working to strengthen the security and quality of food and water that families eat or drink. In Egypt, fish accounts for 25.3% of an average household’s protein intake. By providing real-time data, we are helping farmers increase their yields and conduct their farming in a more efficient way.

In addition, understanding water quality is essential for successful aquaculture, and our team is committed to creating and deploying solutions in aquaculture that are sustainable for the environment and accessible to farmers across the region.

We’re developing Nilebot, a real-time water quality monitoring, and alarm systems for aquaculture.

The device measures four main parameters: the level of oxygen, temperature, salinity, and acidity. Using an Internet of Things (IoT) solution, we are working with 40 different fish farms across the MENA region to collect this data. This data is shared real-time through our website - allowing fish farmers to receive information around water quality to name a few, and during emergencies, our users are notified via SMS.

During our research, the team interviewed fisheries consultants, one of whom indicated that if Nilebot were available a decade ago he would have avoided a decrease in his yield due to the readily available information our platform provides concerning the quality of the water.

Furthermore, through using the same core technology implemented in Nilebot, Conative Labs will also explore various additional use cases, including altering the water-quality parameters being monitored by Nilebot to serve the agriculture market and potentially the residential water market.

Read the full article by Ahmed Khaled via UNICEF.

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Monitoring water quality in real-time

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