Necessity pushed them to innovate and create

Necessity pushed them to innovate and create

The most exciting part about Badreddine and Ihab's project is the fact it is all built by them from scratch and mainly through recycled material.

Necessity forced them to quit their university. Necessity pushed them to innovate and create. Badreddine Koussani a 20 year old Syrian citizen and Ihab Osman a 21 year old Syrian-Palestinian citizen had to quit their studies in Communication Engineering and in IT, respectively, upon fleeing Syria. After arriving to Lebanon, the two sought preliminary studies, and applied to GIL program.
The GIL project is conducted by INJAZ Lebanon through the funding of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon and the support of UNICEF Lebanon.

For the requested GIL project, Badreddine and Ihab listened closely to their community's pain and considered the GIL trainings as the best addresser to them. Looking carefully in their surroundings, Badreddine and Ihab found that many of their relatives, who currently live in camps, have a common suffering; that of cold, of lack of electricity supply, and of accompanying health issues like asthma induced by firewood and diesel consumption of the fireplace.

From here, "We thought about an idea that would relieve them from all these burdens. We conducted our research and tried to come up with a project idea that would benefit our community, tap on its concerns, and harness the power of the solar energy. We finally arrived at our project idea; that is a solar heating system," said Badreddine.

Read the full article via Injaz Lebanon.

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Necessity pushed them to innovate and create

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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