New chapter in EU-Algeria energy relations

New chapter in EU-Algeria energy relations

"The huge renewable energy potential, which could sustainably solve the problem of an ever rising domestic consumption, remains untapped.
If not addressed, the critical developments in Algeria are likely to have a direct impact on the EU: the security of gas supplies, the resilience of the EU’s Southern neighbourhood, and potentially also the EU’s own security"

This policy paper calls for a more prominent position of Algerian energy and its potential impact on the resilience of the Southern Mediterranean region on the EU agenda.
Thereby it suggests the establishment of a targeted energy cooperation aimed at switching Algerian domestic consumption to renewable energy as a potential way of addressing the encountered policy challenges.

Download the policy paper by Jekaterina Grigorjeva | via Jacques Delors Institute - Berlin [.pdf | 1.1 MB]

[Photo by Hichem Merouche | Flickr]

New chapter in EU-Algeria energy relations

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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