Regenerative Agriculture: The Key to Solving Desertification and Migration Crises

The “CARI Association” (Centre d’Action et de Realisation Internationales) is an NGO based near Montpellier, France, that supports small scale farmers through its local partners based in North African and Sub-Saharan countries.

CARI is engaged in various actions to fight desertification and preserve ecosystems in arid environments. In North Africa, some examples are:

Pilot farm in Jorf, Morocco

The Jorf Farm has forged a solid reputation both nationally and internationally and has so far helped over 400 Moroccan farmers deepen their knowledge and practice of regenerative agriculture.

Oases conservation and agro-ecological developments

This important program contributes to seed biodiversity by helping oasis farmers select and reproduce local varieties and establish seed exchange banks.

Agro-ecological training center in Beni-Isgen, Algeria

The center provides a residency, classrooms, research facilities and an experimental farm for agro-ecological practices. This is where three levels of apprenticeship in agro-ecology are taught; trainer certification programs, improvement courses for farmers and career studies for young students.

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Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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