Renewable energy production boosts hope for job creation in Egypt

Renewable energy production boosts hope for job creation in Egypt

How an ILO pilot project that produces biogas in two Egyptian villages is creating jobs and reducing pollution.

El-Desouky Refaat was looking desperately for a gas cylinder in his village. When he had almost abandoned hope, he learnt about a pilot project coming to his area that would produce biogas from agricultural waste.

“The biogas unit now produces the equivalent of two gas cylinders a month. Moreover, the fermenter produces high quality organic fertilizers protecting our crops from worms, insects, parasites and grass seeds. The yield increased and the fertilizer cost was saved,” El Desouky Refaat said.

This biogas pilot project brought together the ILO-Canada project “Decent Jobs for Egypt’s Young People" and the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, under the auspices of the Port Said governorate. The project benefits not only the environment but also the health and livelihoods of El-Desouky Refaat’s family and others in the community.

So it was not a surprise that the project was selected as one of the country’s most successful development projects in 2016, and featured in the Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center’s (IDSC) report: “Scanning Successful Development Projects in Egyptian Governorates”.

Read the full article via ILO web site.

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Renewable energy production boosts hope for job creation in Egypt

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Good practices and European projects map

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