Rooftop farming initiative offers fresh start for the needy

Rooftop farming initiative offers fresh start for the needy

The rooftops of Karak are being turned into new agricultural spaces with “Be a Friend to the Environment”, an initiative founded by 30-year-old entrepreneur Faten Al Rahaife, which aims at creating new spaces for composting within rural communities.

“We create new spaces for cultivation on the houses’ roofs to make up for the lack of agricultural areas, planting products that are suitable to the nature of our region such as zaatar, marmara, potatoes a cucumbers,” Rahaife told The Jordan Times, stressing that “Jordan is a fertile land full of natural resources, while the nature of its climate is suitable for the cultivation, and we need to take into account these resources and what we can achieve with them”.

But Rahaife’s goals are two-fold, and while raising environmental awareness, the entrepreneur is also creating new employment opportunities for unemployed women, refugees and individuals with special needs.

“The idea came during a discussion session at the Tameem Bin Aws Al Dari civil society organisation, where we had to come up with solutions to benefit those in need using the available resources in our community,” the entrepreneur recalled.

Read the full article by Ana V. Ibáñez Prieto via The Jordan Times.

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Rooftop farming initiative offers fresh start for the needy

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Good practices and European projects map

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