Solar PV in Africa is set to boom

Solar PV in Africa is set to boom

Falling technology costs make solar PV one of the cheapest ways to meet power needs and increase energy access on the continent.

The business case for solar photovoltaics in Africa is stronger than ever thanks to rapidly declining technology costs, according to a new report released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency. Solar PV in Africa: Costs and Markets, estimates that installed costs for power generated by utility-scale solar PV projects in Africa have decreased as much as 61 per cent since 2012. Today, installed costs for these projects are as low as USD 1.30 per watt in Africa, compared to the global average of USD 1.80 per watt.

“In recent years, solar PV costs have dropped dramatically and will continue to do so with further declines of up to 59 per cent possible in the next ten years. “
(IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin)

Read the full article and download the report "Solar PV in Africa: Costs and Markets" via IRENA web site.

[Photo by Green Prophet | Flickr]

Solar PV in Africa is set to boom

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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