The spread of ecological agriculture in Palestine

The spread of ecological agriculture in Palestine

"Ecological agriculture is a modern concept in Palestine, we started applying it 20 years ago without knowing that it’s called ecological agriculture but the actual launch began after 2003 nearly 13 years ago, at this year we started applying the ecological in a small farm.”
(Saad Dagher, agricultural engineer)

Organic farming is a agricultural ecosystem which aims to produce clean food in safe ways, taking into account the natural balance, and without prejudice to the ecosystem, which mean it includes agricultural systems for the production of food. These systems take soil fertility as a basis for the ability producing through respecting the nature of the plants, animals and environmental conservation.

The agricultural engineer Saad Dagher said that the ecological agriculture needs more knowledge in terms of methods and access to fertile soil that will give ample amounts. Dagher stressed the same idea, conforming that encouraging agriculture contributes in supporting the economy, through dispensing import, but that needs to build a strong soil through using wood, cardboard, straw, animal dung and local seeds.

View the video interview via Arab:24.

[Photo by Grassroots International | Flickr]

The spread of ecological agriculture in Palestine

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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