Water conservation is no game in Jordan, or maybe it is

Water conservation is no game in Jordan, or maybe it is

The app was introduced several months ahead of the usually dry summer that brings severe water shortages.

Jordan’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation has introduced a smartphone application based on the popular retro game “Snakes and Ladders” to shed light on the importance of water conservation in the kingdom.

Ministry spokesman Omar Salama pointed out that the game is among a series of applications that target all of society.

“The application is based on a popular board game, which we and our families used to play, but this time it is played using smart applications on smart devices that are used by almost everyone. The game can be found on Google Play and it is part of the ministry’s corporate responsibility efforts,” he added.

“The functionality of the game is simple: When the ladder takes you up you receive an important tip regarding conserving water and, when the snake takes them down, users receive a message that encourages them to conserve water,” Salama explained.

Read the full article by Roufan Nahhas via The Arab Weekly.

Water conservation is no game in Jordan, or maybe it is

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Good practices and European projects map

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