Why Morocco's renewable energy future looks bright

Morocco’s Noor solar plant is set to be the world’s largest. African Business Review speaks to Adama Moussa, Power Engineer and Olivier-Joseph Breteche, Principal Country Officer at the African Development Bank (AfDB) who explore how the first part of the project was delivered, and the impact that it will have. 

NOORo I created more than 500 jobs during the 12 months of construction, with local workers holding nearly 42 percent of these. Construction of NOORo II and NOORo III plants is expected to create 1,600 direct jobs, mostly for the non-skilled local workforce. According to the terms of tenders, developers are obliged to give priority to local workforce.

At the national level, the project is expected to give new impetus to the development of an industrial sector in the production of solar power equipment as plant developers have been encouraged to integrate local industrial solutions into their offerings.

At the regional level, there is a good opportunity for replication and expansion of this new concentrated solar power technology which offers many advantages compared to photovoltaic solar technology.

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Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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