Working on more productive and sustainable horticulture in Morocco

Working on more productive and sustainable horticulture in Morocco

Horticulture in Morocco has to become more sustainable and productive.

Researchers of Wageningen University & Research have designed a demonstration greenhouse and are developing a research and education programme together with regional partners. In this project plant and economic researchers of Wageningen work together.

"The tomato production in Agadir can easily be doubled. It is about small steps, for most producers a low cost strategy works best."

“In Morocco the tomato production can be improved in terms of quantity and quality. The latter is important for the export to Europe. Because of increasing drought it is also essential to reduce water use,” says Cecilia Stanghellini of Wageningen Plant Research. Morocco wants to further develop its substantial agricultural sector in order to increase farm income in rural areas and to prepare for future challenges concerning food security and climate change.

Among other vegetables and fruits the country annually produces more than one and a quarter million tonnes of tomatoes. Nearly one third is exported abroad, the rest is for the domestic market. The key region for tomato cultivation in Morocco is Agadir. “There are some big tomato producers in Agadir who export tomatoes to Europe, and many small and middle-sized producers who mainly produce for local markets,” says Marc Ruijs of Wageningen Economic Research.

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Working on more productive and sustainable horticulture in Morocco

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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