Call for proposals for innovative ideas - extended participation
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Call for proposals for innovative ideas - extended participation

AgoraMedSpring is happy to announce that seen the high participation and quality of proposals, we decide to increase our financial support to “idea-carriers”.

Therefore the following ideas/project will also be invited to participate in the 1st MedSpring Brokerage event which will be held in Cairo on 12-13 February:

Buzzandwin - Morocco

Buzzandwin combines social networks, community and challenges to direct potential customers towards stores. From the consumer’s point of view, Buzzandwin is a game.


Zero Carbon Egypt - Egypt

The proposal is to research and produce a scientifically and economically sound scenario for how Egypt could leapfrog into a zero carbon society that is more developed and socially just; then to strategically advocate on all aspects of the blueprint.


Smart grid for electricity - Tunisia

Integrated model to coordinate future energy transmission infrastructure projects around and through the Mediterranean.


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) - Egypt

Cell-based immunotherapy using genetically engineered T regulatory cells to target the affected cells only to prevent systemic immunosuppression and produce a local extracellular prostaglandin known as 15d-PGJ2, a potent anti-inflammatory mediator.


Situation- and Context-Aware Multi-Layer Defense Framework to Enhance Smart Grid Security -Egypt

A three-layer framework with a cross-layer distributed, smart, real-time defenses to simultaneously address security of the Cyber domain, SE process, and PCSes against pervasive and persistent attacks.


Bahariya Oasis - Egypt

A small-scale agribusiness sustainable model at Bahariya Oasis balancing between maximizing agricultural and livestock production and conserving natural resources, allowing the sustainability of desert living. The model will represent a flexible framework for agriculture entrepreneurs wanting to start economically successful ecological farm.


Mines detector - Egypt

The main target of the system is to detect mines whether they are above or under the ground via a metal detector. The system may be provided by a number of additional sensors that can detect temperature, fires and obstacles.


Follow the instruction sent you by email to follow up with the registration!

Call for proposals for innovative ideas - extended participation

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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