Training on H2020 | Presentations
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Training on H2020 | Presentations

The three-day training activity "Training on H2020 for Mediterranean NCPs" hosted by HCST, in collaboration with DLR, UNIMED and CIHEAM-IAMB  started on December, 9 and will continue untill tomorrow (December, 11). The training was prepared taking into account the results of a training needs analysis conducted in the period July-September 2013.
Various outstanding and high-experienced trainers and speakers have been involved in the event to provide presentations and speeches to the participants.

Part of the event was livestreamed and you can find the registered videos (not the entire training course) here.

In this section, you can also find the presentations and the documents discussed during the training.

The material will be updated until the end of the training.

Here is a photo gallery of some sessions.
An interview with Aniss Ben Rayana talking about Horizon 2020 on radio "Express FM" [listen to podcast - Arabic]


Day 1

Fadila Boughanemi, European Commission

- "Introduction to Horizon 2020" (.ppt, 1MB)

Raniero Chelli, Unimed

- "Horizon 2020 and Innovation | The international dimension" (.ppt, 725 KB)

Oliver Rohde, DLR

- "Horizon 2020 and Innovation" (.ppt, 930KB)

Claudio Bogliotti, CIHEAM-IAMB
Marinella Giannelli, CIHEAM-IAMB

- "H2020: the international cooperation dimension" (.ppt 800 KB)
- "Assessment frame for EU-MPCs S&T Cooperation Agreements" (.ppt, 500 KB)

Marilena Rossano, CNR – UARIE
A. Hamid El Zoheiry, Heliopolis University

- "Building Synergies between European Member States/ Associated Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries" (.ppt, 1.1 MB)

George Baroutas, HELP-FORWARD Network

- "NCP network development and business plan" (.pptx, 750 KB)
- "Benchmarking Report | Questionnaire: "Framework Programme National Contact Point" (.pdf, 242 KB)


Day 2

Carlo Polidori, C&S Europe, (Part 1)
Firat Gedikli, Tubitak (Part 2)

- "Horizon 2020 vs FP7" (.ppt, 3.2 MB)

A. Hamid El-Zoheiry, Heliopolis University

- "H2020 and Societal Challenges" (.ppt, 830 KB)

Aurélie Pancera,  CIHEAM Bari
Carlo Polidori, C&S Europe,

- "Guidelines for drafting a research project | theory and laboratory" (.ppt, 2 MB)


Day 3

Session: NCP Networking and road Map


- "ANNEX 1 for NCPnetworking session" (.docx, 16 KB)

Chiara Morini, CIHEAM-IAMB

- "NCP networking and road map" (.ppt , 330 KB)

DG-RSDT, Algeria

- "NCP roadmap for «H2020»" (.ppt, 350 KB)

MESRSFC, Morocco

- "NCP roadmap for Action" (.ppt, 320 KB)

CNRS, Lebanon

- "NCP Roadmap for Action - NCP Network", (.ppt, 4.7 MB)

Ministry of Higher Education, Palestine

- "Palestinian NCP, H2020 and MedSPRING" (.pptx, 119 KB)

MHESR, Tunisia,

- "NCP roadmap for Action | Your NCP, Tunisia" (.ppt, 1.7 MB)


Session: Communicating research

Chiara Morini, CIHEAM-IAMB

- "Networking technologies: Euro-Mediterranean Agora" (.ppt, 1.2 MB)

Purificación Salmeron Vìlchez, University of Granada

"Communicating Research: General Aspects" (.ppt, 4.7 MB)

Aurélie Pancera,  CIHEAM Bari

"Recommendations from different guides of the Union European on communicating EU funded research" (.ppt, 9.1 MB)

Chiara Morini, CIHEAM-IAMB
Omar Amawi, HCST, Jordan

- "NCP networking and road map" (.ppt , 330 KB)

- "Practical exercises to assess your field activities and brainstorm on your next activities" (.ppt, 380 KB)


Training for NCPs on H2020 - Amman, Jordan | Group photo
[9-11 December 2013, Amman | Training for Mediterranean NCPs on Horizon 2020 | Photo group]


Training on H2020 | Presentations

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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