3rd Brokerage Event | Presentations
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3rd Brokerage Event | Presentations

In this page you can find some of the idea carriers' presentations discussed during the 3rd MedSpring Euro-Mediterranean Brokerage event held in Bari on 26-27 May.


Power Tree - Ahmed Mahmoud - Website(.pdf 1.2 MB)

Touchizer - Mohamed Samir - Website | (.pdf 8.9 MB) 

BlueGreen Water Technologies - Oori Weisshaus - Website(.pdf 4.3MB)

Metabolic Robots - Ziv Dubinsky - Website(.pdf 1.3 MB)

Ultrasonic solution for cleaner world - Reza Maleki - Website(.pdf 1.7 MB)

Solar Cooling - Hamid Soleimanimehr - Website | (.pdf 680 KB)

Cascina GAPS - Antonio Vercellone - Website(.pdf 570 KB)

PV-Cool - Louy Qoaider - Website | (.pdf 770 KB)

Evaptainers - Yassine Maghnouj - Website | (.pdf 1.2 MB)

Bio-Wonder - Aida Selmi  | (.pdf 1.5 MB)

WACOR Solutions - Héla Assairi - Website(.pdf 1.4 MB)

Flushing System - Anouar El Guetiti - Website |  (.pdf 8.9 MB)


Seeds&Chips - Sharon Cittone - Website |  (.pdf 2 MB)

3rd Brokerage Event | Presentations

Good practices and European projects map


Good practices and European projects map

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